Our Kidsoft System

The Kidsoft Management System is an online management and accounting system developed for any business or entity which specialises in the fields of education and child care.

The figure below gives a graphical view of the three Modules of Kidsoft and the Functions that they provide.

Why is Kidsoft ideally positioned for this industry?
The Kidsoft Management system is a solution that has been created and developed specifically with the educational and care-giving industry in mind. This industry is about offering typical standard services but also ad-hoc services tailored for your specific client needs and setup.

Our system is flexible and caters for multiple operational scenarios and use cases. As such, it enables you and your team to do what you do best by taking care of many of the typical headaches associated with running a centre.

Can I access my centre’s information anytime and from anywhere?
The answer is simply, YES!
In the technologically advanced age that we find ourselves in, it would be rather foolish to be bound to a single computer because the system “ is only installed and valid on that PC”. In fact, Kidsoft can be accessed conveniently from anywhere in the world, without compromising security. Accessing your information from a remote location, changes the way you manage your investment – putting you in complete control.

System Modules

The system is comprised of three individual Modules rolled into one powerful but easy-to-use software package.

1. Accounting

Kidsoft has a full accounting side that looks after the debit as well as the credit side of a business. For example, you can seamlessly upload your bank statement and allocate payments and expenses.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM module takes care of client structure, for example, who are the members of a child’s Family and contact details where required.

A flexible set of reports is available.

3. Communication

The system can communicate with clients via SMS and e-mail. All communication messages are stored in a virtual filing cabinet for easy retrieval.

Features and Capabilities

Parent / Family records

As with any system, quick and easy access to client records are essential, Kidsoft has a proven system that allows you to view, edit, update or de-activate any of the records available. This includes an infinite amount of family, siblings, etc. per child.

Email and SMS contact

Email and SMS’s are known to be quite effective at saving paper and giving accountability in terms of “…but I never received it…”. Everyone knows that some numbers are just not being answered. Sending a SMS is much cheaper than continuously phoning and are generally read within seconds of being received.

Penalty / discount invoicing

The system can be set to introduce a predefined penalty after a specific date, this is always a good incentive to ensure that fees are paid on time. Another feature is to offer a discount for early payments. A more subtle approach to ensure that parents pay the due fees on time. Alternatively there is the option to introduce neither and have your statements be more predictable. The choice is ultimately yours to decide on how to invoice your clients.


All schools have some exceptions regarding fees. Some schools offer a single mom discount, or perhaps a sibling discount. Either way discounts can be called anything and set to any amount. The amount can also be overridden with any custom value to ensure that your finest need is met.

Ad hoc invoicing

From time to time it happens that a child only comes in on odd occasions, needs a surprise transport trip or perhaps needs to stay for lunch. Whatever the need, the system writes an ad hoc invoice and adds it to the parent’s account.

Statement run

Statements are generated with the schools letterhead already in place. There is no need to have stationary pre-printed. Everything happens in the background so there is no need to go through complex printing options.

Mass Receipting

Few things are more tedious than having to write a receipt for every payment and then capture it into a system against every parent. For this reason, we have created “Mass Receipting”. The purpose behind this, is to save you time and do away with the mundane tasks of administration.

Online Enrollments

Our programme allows you to add a link onto your school’s or programme’s website which allows a parent to register his/her child online, while they are browsing through your website. The Kidsoft system will automatically add this information to your existing data thereby decreasing your workload.

These are merely a few of the clever innovations that make this system one of a kind!

Should you wish to access a fully operational version of our system please contact ISM via our Contact Us page to get your username and password.

This system is a live system so please feel free to edit, add or delete anything!