About Us

We – Interactive Services Marketing (Pty) Ltd – have developed the Kidsoft Management System after identifying a real need in the market for a suitable, comprehensive solution that could support the operational running of Child care centres, Extra-mural programmes, Preschools and other care-giving entities that operate in the child care services industry.

Our client base

Our company and our system are “proudly South African” and yet, we have established clients outside of our SA borders as well.

We have around 1500 SME’s using our software! Our typical clients are Private schools, Nursery schools, Swim schools, Dance schools or any franchise that teaches children a type of skill or fun activity.

The success of our Kidsoft management system can be attributed to the fact that, over the years, we have listened to the needs of our clients and enhanced our solution accordingly.

Managing your centre

How will the system help me manage my school, centre or extra-mural programme?

  • The system resides in the cloud and supports a multi-user environment. Backups are done regularly to ensure that your data is always safe.
  • We provide full training and support and upgrades free of charge. Training is not limited to a number of sessions – “as-much-as-you-can-stomach”, is our training philosophy.
  • We do not sell the system, but rent it to clients and the cost depends on the size of their database.
  • Training can take place on-site, via telephone or on-line – your choice.

Kidsoft system features

Refer to “Our System” screen to read more about the operational functions that Kidsoft performs and facilitates.