About Us

Why develop this particular management system?
Having noticed that there is no system available that can comprehensively manage a day care or extra-mural programme, the demand for Kidsoft was overwhelming.

Why is it ideal for this industry?
The Kidsoft management system is a computer system that has been created specifically for this particular industry. This industry is unlike any other industry, there are infinite amounts of ad-hoc services, standard services and contractor services. These are especially difficult to cater for in a management system that is designed for other industries.

How will the system help me manage my school or extra-mural programme?
The system consists of various management tools. Some of the many features are listed under the “The System” tab.

That is all fine, but can I access my information anytime?
The answer is simply, YES!
In the technologically advanced age that we find ourselves in, it would be rather foolish to be bound to a single computer because “it is only installed on that computer”. Kidsoft has the ability to be accessed from anywhere in the world, without compromising security. Accessing your information from a remote location, changes the way you manage your investment. Putting you in complete control.